Whopper Shad

Whopper Shad


Magic Bait cubed catfish dough bait is easy to use and ready for the hook. Magic Bait catfish bait is a proprietary blend of aged, rich attractants.  We start with our blend of rich oils, aged ingredients, special grains and other attractants.  We uniquely combine all the ingredients to make our bait.  We add intense flavor components – liver, crawfish, chicken blood etc.  Creating a catfish bait that has been Tested – Proven – Trusted to catch catfish time and time again for over 50 years!  You will catch more fish and have more fun using Magic Bait.

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From the Folks at Magic Bait
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We’ve been manufactoring our products since 1970, and every day we strive to produce the best bait in the market at the lowest price. All of our baits and attractants are made with 100% natural ingredients, with no artifical substances whatsoever. We make the best bait because we use the best ingredients, and work with the best people to produce it. We put the hard work in so that you don’t have to.

Our products are Tested, Proven, Trusted, and are produced with sustainable ingredients.

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