Crappie Bites – White & Char.

Crappie Bites – White & Char.


Crappie Bites catches more slabs.  When this bait hits the water, it takes less than 2 seconds for Crappie Bites to lay down a trail of attractants leading strait to your jig.  Crappie Bites is made tuff, hanging on to your hook better than any other manufactured crappie bait.  The explosion of attractants and the ability to take a hit and not get knocked off your hook, is why people Catch More Slabs using Crappie Bites.  Best Crappie Bait Made.

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Magic Bait’s Crappie Bites are a great way to turn a slow slab day into a full-basket, record-breaking day. Crappie Bites are easy to use and are perfectly sized to fit on crappie hooks. Requires no refrigeration and leaves no mess. Disperses a cloud of attractants through the water. 1 oz. plastic jar.

Magic Bait Crappie Bites Chartreuse and White

  • Magic Bait Crappie Bites Green and White
  • Attractants and Scents
  • Requires no refrigeration
  • Easy to use

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