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March 12, 2015

March 12, 2015 5:56 am

Best thing about spring? Crappie fishing! Crappie fishing is easy, anyone can do it, crappie catching is a different story. The reason people have a variety of colors, styles and all sizes of lures in their box, is because crappie can be hard to catch. Even with a good selection of lures to throw at the crappie, there are still variables that impact the catch. Water temperature, time of year, pressure systems, all has an impact on fishing vs. catching. You can increase your catch of slabs just by using Crappie Bites. We have years of research behind our Crappie Bites bait. We learned first what crappie didn't like, and then through thousands of test and formulations we discovered the ultimate crappie attractants. Our attractants are a proprietary blend of amines, oils, minerals and a couple little secrets. Crappie Bites are made tough to stay on the hook, the bait practically bites itself. Attractants won't work unless they can be dispersed in water. Crappie Bites does this in a controlled time release method. The dispersion increases as you start to work the jig. The crappie can start to taste the bait before hitting your jig. The attractants, the taste, is what make the crappie hold on to your jig, resulting in more slabs. This crappie season, don't hit the water without adding Magic Bait Crappie Bites to your arsenal.

Good Luck & Good Fish'n

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