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Happy New Year

January 19, 2015 5:13 pm

Happy New Year and welcome to Magic Bait.  This is my first blog and I will be keeping it short.  We wanted to start a blog to offer a simple common sense point of view on everyday events and topics.

New Year resolutions, most people have one and most are sincere at the time.  The start of a new year is  a good time to start new habits or stop bad habits.  A bad habit, in my opinion, is too much digital  entertainment.  I have three boys so I’ve been through the iPods, movies, video games and cell phones.   I think folks miss simple and quite.  Fishing is an activity the entire family can participate in, regardless of  experience or age.  You might be happily surprised how easy it is to talk and listen while bait fishing.  I  recommend making it a point to go bait fishing this year for catfish, perch or whatever. Leave all digital  devices in the car and listen to each other or listen to nature.  Bait your line with Magic Bait, cast out  and secure your rod, then wait.  While you wait is a great time to talk about school, current events or  share some family history.  Also, a good time to eat a homemade sandwich. 

“Time Spent Fishing, is Time Well Spent”


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